Local Action Group (LAGs) are made up of partners representing both rural populations (through public bodies such as Municipalities, Provinces and Unions of Municipalities) and organizations of economic actors, that operate in the territory.

LAGs implement the axes 3 and 4 of the Regional Development Plan within the areas of competence, drawing up and carrying out Local Development Plans (LDP), which are the programming instruments defining and activating local development strategy.

The Marmilla LAG carries out support activity for the Regional Administration on projects which define and implement interventions aimed towards the promotion of business creation and development and local development programs.  It informs citizens about the opportunities given by funding announcements and accompanies beneficiaries in the correct arrangement of the projects.

It is involved in the promotion of network and cooperation projects between municipalities, consortia and companies devoted to achieving a territorial system and to awakening the population, with special attention to the young ones, on themes related to the environment and the landscape, whose enhancement constitutes the most important resource for the future of Marmilla.

It sponsors cultural events and contributes to promote manufacturing in synergy with local institutions; it participates in fairs and workshops aimed at the promotion of the particular aspects of the territory.

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