Information and Communication Plan

Information and communication plan

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The Marmilla LAG Communication Plan is a proposal of method, according to which everybody working in the LAG, whatever duty he performs, has a role in the communication process. The way he works, his attitude and interactions inside the service or with the public have a communicative “function”. 

In the Plan, emphasis was put on the above mentioned aspects, in order to reach an upright approach both internally and externally to the political and technical organization in charge.

On the contrary, the Communication Plan specific contents can be defined only according to the circumstances, analyzing different variables (such as objectives, available resources, target of reference, strategies and instruments), not easily replicable because of their specificity.

The specific contents of the MARMILLA LAG Information and Communication Plan aims to pursue three possible purposes:

  • strategic, for the organization in its own policies development; supporting the convergence of internal and external LAG communication logics, favouring a sort of communication which can be defined as integrated;
  • supporting the construction of bidirectional relations between the organization and its targets;
  • of reference, not random or episodic, directed to the coproduction of sense and meanings  within the communicative exchange between the LAG and its targets.

In addition, it is an instrument for coordinating all the subjects, the strategies and the communication actions which the LAG uses, in order to meet its own goals.


Parte Montis: Gonnostramatza - Masullas - Mogoro - Pompu - Siris

Parte Montis: Gonnostramatza - Masullas - Mogoro - Pompu - Siris