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Sindaco: Antonello Carrucciu (dal 31/05/2010)
Abitanti: 444 (statistiche ISTAT 2011)
Posizione: 39°48′37″N 8°55′10″E
Altitudine s.l.m.: 255 mt
Superfice: 16,30 kmq
Codice Istat: 095008
Codice Catastale: A477
Cap: 09080
Patrono: San Sebastiano (20 Gennaio)


The small hamlet of Assolo is situated within a valley, protected by Giara tableland slopes. In the municipality territory there were uncovered various remains of nuraghic epoch settlements. The most of them adorn the Giara edge as a defence belt. The Pardu Cungiau group is particularly interesting: it is composed by as much as six nuraghs, placed at close range one from another and the nuragh called Nuraxi ’e Moru, located in Riu ’e Concas.

In the historic centre of Assolo it is still possible to admire ancient houses with their typical courts, called “lollas”, and their grand portals. Among the most ancient monuments there are the eighteenth-century church of  St. Sebastian, patron saint of the village, and St. Lucy’s little country church, that had Byzantine origin, but was totally rebuilt in Romanesque forms, firstly in the thirteenth century and later on in the twenties of the past century.     

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