Baradili is the smallest municipality of all Sardinia. Its territory is rich in vineyards, olive and almond groves, whereby it is possible to obtain top quality wines, oils and sweets.

The territory of Baradili was inhabited since the Nuraghic period, as it’s pointed by the archeological remains of Cibixina, Nurattò and Candeu nuraghs. Close to Candeu nuragh there is a little fountain excavated in the rock, which goes back to the Nuraghic epoch and was rebuilt several times over the centuries.

The historic centre appears like a medieval hamlet, with typical architecture of that period. In the centre there is St. Margaret’s parish church, which goes back to the eighteenth century and was dedicated to the patron saint of the village, protecting children and women in childbirth.

Year out, towards the middle of July, Baradili organizes the festival of  "Is cruguxionis" (ravioli), where it is possible to sample that typical Sardinian foodstuff, handmade according to old recipes, in the variations with ricotta cheese and lemon, ricotta and spinaches or potatoes. 

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