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Sindaco: Piergiorgio Corona (dal 31/05/2010)
Abitanti: 747 (statistiche ISTAT 2011)
Posizione: 39°42'51" N - 08°52'33" E
Altitudine s.l.m.: 165 mt
Superfice: 12,60 kmq
Codice Istat: 095012
Codice Catastale: A655
Cap: 09090
Patrono: San Giorgio (23 Aprile)

Baressa stands west of the Gesturi Giara, in a hilly area surrounded by almond and fir trees.

Baressa territory was inhabited since the Nuraghic epoch, but it saw its highest expansion during the Roman epoch, which gave much archaeological evidence. Since the thirteenth century it became a centre renowned for olive growing. Witness to that ancient activity, still today it is possible to admire a mass of about one thousand century-old olive trees in the proximity of the village.

A few steps from the historic centre, there stand the necropolises ruins of Atzeni, Saint Mary and Saint Miali and it is possible to visit the Marrogali park, with Mediterranean vegetation typical colours. 

The municipality of Baressa is known all over Sardinia also for the almond festival, which every year attracts a great number of visitors and represents an important occasion to promote the typical products of the territory. The festival is organized by the local administration, helped by almonds pluckers, who, on that occasion, transform the streets of the historic centre in an outdoor theatre. During the festival it is also possible to visit extemporary painting exhibitions, “Is Artis” (artisanal trades) workshops, the “Casa Museo” (Museum House, symbol of the ancient peasant world) and “Su Mobiu” (an ancient seventeenth century oil press). 

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