Collinas stands on a valley which is sheltered from the winds, an ideal place for cereal-growing farming and viticulture. Within the territory of Collinas, inhabited since the ancient times, there are still today Concali nuragh remains, on the mount of the same name, Genn’e Maria nuragh and the giants tombs of Sedda sa Caudeba. 

Of notable historical interest is also Saint Mary Angiargia’s sanctuary, situated a few steps from the village, in a wood considered as a shrine. The church was very likely dedicated to the water cult, in view of the presence hereabouts of Su Angiu’s well, Roman cold water baths (frigidarium), where it was possible to access by a stone stair. The well, too, was considered sacred, as, according to old beliefs, its waters had beneficial and curative effects.

In the municipality of Collinas there is also the Museum dedicated to Giovanni Battista Tuveri, which is housed in the former Monte Granatico (Bank of Grain). The exposition goes back over Collinas historical events until the end of the nineteenth century, through many evidences and documents. 

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