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Sindaco: Roberto Soddu (dal 07/06/2009)
Abitanti: 903 (statistiche ISTAT 2011)
Posizione: 39°47'42" N - 09°00'24" E
Altitudine s.l.m.: 447 mt
Superfice: 43,90 kmq
Codice Istat: 91029
Codice Catastale: D968
Cap: 08030
Patrono: Santa Barbara (4 Dicembre)

The municipality of Genoni stands on the south-east side of St Antine, a hill of volcanic origin, on whose pick there is a Punic structure, which – according to many people’s opinion – was the famous temple dedicated to the goddess Juno, whereby perhaps the name of the village could be derived. A portion of Genoni territory is included in the Giara of Gesturi Park.

The municipality has ancient origins, as it is proved by nuraghic remains uncovered in the surrounding areas. On the top of St. Antine’s hill, there stands a small chapel dedicated to St. Constantine, perhaps built on a place where there previously were a nuraghic place of worship and some defensive works going back to the Punic period (fourth century B.C.).

In the historic centre of the village it is possible to visit the “Cavallino” (Little Horse) of the Giara Museum, fully dedicated to that indomitable wild horses breed.

From January to August Genoni is the theatre of many religious festivals: the 16th of January St. Anthony Abbot is celebrated making a big bonfire; the 15th of May there is the country festival of St. Isidoro, peasants Patron Saint; the 31st of May there is the festival dedicated to the Madonna of the Sacred Heart. But the most important festival is the one of Saints Constantine and Helen (5th of August), during which a religious procession takes place with a parade of traditional costumes, horsemen and folkloristic entertainments.

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