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Sindaco: Mario Contu (dal 16/05/2011)
Abitanti: 353 (statistiche ISTAT 2011)
Posizione: 39°44'47" N - 08°55'27" E
Altitudine s.l.m.: 230 mt
Superfice: 7,60 kmq
Codice Istat: 92023
Codice Catastale: D970
Cap: 09020
Patrono: Natività di Maria Vergine (8 Settembre)

Genuri stands on the foot of the Giara of Gesturi. It is a small rural hamlet surrounded by corn and legumes fields and by many olive groves, whereby a particularly fine oil is extracted.

Many archaeological remains prove that Genuri territory was inhabited since the Nuraghic epoch. Among these remains, there is St. Mark’s nuragh.

Genuri dwellers still maintain a strong bond with tradition, as it is shown by the various events organized in the course of the year, like St. Mark’s feast (the 15th of April), the fest of St. Mary of Monserrato “Sa Munzerrada” (the 7th and the 8th of September). The most important feast is the one of St. Dorino, which takes place the 6th of August along with the characteristic traditional small donkey-race and the festival of “Pani e casu e binu a rasu” (which means: “bread, cheese and a glass full of wine”), whereas it is possible to taste territory gastronomic specialities, almonds sweets, macaroons (amarettus), gattòu, and pani ‘e saba, that is a sweet kneaded with typical Sardinian cooked must.     

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