The municipality territory is mostly included in the nature reserve of the Gesturi Giara, one of the vast basaltic and calcareous tablelands typical of Sarcidano and Marmilla. The Giara of Gesturi, called Sa jara manna (the big Giara) in Sardinian language, is the biggest Giara and is distributed in the municipalities of Gesturi, Tuili, Setzu and Genoni.

The fame of the area is mainly connected to its wild and uncontaminated beauty, as well as the presence of very rare beasts. Infact the area is frequented by the only herd that exists in Italy and in Europe of small size wild horses, known as “cavallini della Giara”. Lush woods of cork, durmast, holm oaks and oleasters as well as Mediterranean scrub formations stretch over the Park of the Giara.

Not only the Giara is animated by the cavallini, but also there are many wild boars, hares, ducks, woodcocks, jays and other protected animals. The tableland natural configuration is interrupted by Sa Zeppara Manna and other ridges soar on the plain, giving suggestive landscapes.

Gesturi gave birth to Blessed Nicholas, a Capuchin Friar who was canonized in 1999 by Pope John Paul the Second.     

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