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Sindaco: Ignazio Paolo Pisu (dal maggio 2010)
Abitanti: 2.044 (statistiche ISTAT 2011)
Posizione: 39°51'17" N - 09°03'6" E
Altitudine s.l.m.: 550 mt
Superfice: 124,90 kmq
Codice Istat: 91036
Codice Catastale: E400
Cap: 08034
Patrono: Sant’Ambrogio (7 Dicembre)

Laconi is in the Sarcidano tableland, situated in the splendid Aymerich Park, which stretches for twenty-two hectares, among various springs, picturesque views and a wide variety of botanical species, in particular exotic plants and Sardinian orchids.

The Aimerich Castle, one of the main amenities of the place, is deep within this park. It goes back to the first half of the nineteenth century and belongs to the noble family, which is named after. The castle presents a big rectangular-plan main room, with a series of inflexed arc windows, typical of Catalan Gothic style.

Inside the town hall elegant eighteenth century structure, it is possible to visit the Municipal Museum of the menhir-statues, which holds monumental stone steles going back to pre-nuraghic period, which were exhumed in Perda Iddocca locality.

Too good to miss sightseeing the natal house of St. Ignatius of Laconi, in the historic centre of the village. St. Ignatius is the most venerated Saint in Sardinia. The festival in his honour is celebrated during the last week of August. Every year thousands of visitors come to Laconi to pray in his birth house or in the parish church dedicated to St. Ambrose, situated in the oldest part of the village.

The 30th of August a solemn procession takes place, joined by thousands of the faithful, preceded by costumed horsemen and many folkloristic groups coming from various place of the (Sardinian) island. On the occasion of the festival, many events are organized, such as painting, sculpture and photograph exhibitions as well as fairs to promote local products.

Finally, the feast by the 16th to the 17th of January is dedicated to St. Anthony Abbot: nearby the small church consecrated to the Saint, “Su Fogòne” bonfire is made, burning for several days. Tradition has it that round the fire ancient dances are done to the beat of traditional Sardinian music. On the occasion of the festival, the village of Laconi organizes a fête for the territory typical products, with special focus on “su pani’ e saba” (“il pane di Sapa”), characteristic Sardinian sweet made with “saba”, a syrup obtained by boiling the pulp of grapes leftover from vintage, which was used long ago in place of sugar.

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