Las Plassas

The municipality of Las Plassas stands in the thalweg of Flumini Mannu (river), at the foot of the hill of the same name, which holds the ancient Marmilla Castle ruins.

The famous Castle of Las Plassas is situated on the top of a perfectly conical hill, that looks over the extensive surrounding flat; it was built between the tenth and the eleventh century and played a major strategical and defensive role in the territory of Marmilla.

Las Plassas historical centre expanded in medieval epoch, as houses at the service of the castle flourished. Once the “giudicato” fell, the castle was utilized as a prison until the nineteenth century, when it was slowly let go to rack and ruin.

Taking a walk in Las Plassas historical centre, it is possible to admire the churches of St. Sebastian, St. Mary Magdalen and St. Mary of Monserrato.

Las Plassas hosts also the MUDA, Arborea Kingdom Multimedia Museum, that intends, through new technologies, to make the discovery of the Middle Ages everyday life in Sardinia compelling and enthralling.

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