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Sindaco: Fabio Zucca (dal 16/05/2011)
Abitanti: 354 (statistiche ISTAT 2011)
Posizione: 39°49'21" N - 08°58'31" E
Altitudine s.l.m.: 335 m
Superfice: 12,90 kmq
Codice Istat: 095036
Codice Catastale: F985
Cap: 09080
Patrono: Santa Barbara (4 Dicembre)

Nureci is a suggestive hamlet in the northern border of Marmilla, which is settled on the side of Mount Majore. The first archeological remains of the area go back to Neolithic. The remains of a circular structure (probably belonging to a megalithic fence) were found above the village, in “Murtas” locality.

In the area there are more than twenty-one nuraghs, strategical posts controlling the territory. Among the most important ones, there are the "Attori", "Giuerri Mannu" and "Saint Barbara" nuraghs. The wall ruins of "Pranu Ollastu" and the fort situated in "Corona 'e su Crobu" locality are probably of Punic origin.

The natural environment that surrounds Nureci is very suggestive: ample valleys, sources and natural granites and limestones architectures are accompanied by plenty of local flora and fauna.                                                                                                                In the historic centre it is possible to visit the Nature Permanent Museum, which shows and describes natural beauty spots of Nureci.

Among religious celebrations, the ones that stand out are the following: the lighting of fires in St. Sebastian’s honour (the 19th of January); the feast dedicated to the Madonna of Itria (on Tuesday after Whit Sunday), Saint Rita’s festival (the 22th of May), St. Ignatius of Laconi (the second Sunday of October) and the celebrations of Saint Barbara, Patron Saint of miners (the 4th of December). 

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