The municipality of Pau is situated in High Marmilla, on Mount Arci’s eastern side, which frames the village with its durmasts thick woods. Pau is generally known as “the obsidian village”, name derived by the considerable presence in the territory of that particular schiller black stone of volcanic origin.

In its honour there was realized the Artistic obsidian Museum, exposing the artistic works of Karmine Piras, famous sculptor of that volcanic stone, other handmade products realized by the Atzori brothers of Oristano and accurate reproductions of ancient utensils.

The tour of the museum finishes with the naturalistic pathway which leads to Mount Arci, known also as “sa scraba crobina”  (the obsidian path), containing the oldest obsidian field of the whole Mediterraneum, particularly suggestive for the numerous flakes appearing  along the path.

The precious material outshines even in the historic centre, for example in the two impressive monoliths of worked stone located in the square in front of the town hall, the first one situated in the entrance, the second one (characterized by polychromic workings) within a mountain.

Under Campu Serrau rocky sides, there is the small country church of St. Prisca Martyr, celebrated the 1st of September. Nearby Giuanni Corrias’s pinewood a simulacrum was erected in honour of the Black Virgin of Oropa (curious connection with a cult practised in the Biella valleys), where the faithful insert big obsidian flakes as a token of faith and thanks.

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