Villanovaforru is situated in the middle of the hilly territory of Marmilla.

The first remains of human settlements in the territory go back to the Nuraghic era. The important nuraghic complex of Genna Maria was dug up in 1977 along the road which takes to the municipality of Collinas. The nuragh stands on the top of a hill and is surrounded by a wall circuit with six angular towers.

Villanovaforru historic centre still has a topography typical of the seventeenth century; houses maintained local architectural traditional structure. The residential area is put around St. Francis of Assisi’s parish church, built in the beginning of the seventeenth century in Gothic style. On a hill nearby the village there is finally the country church of St. Marina, erected in the thirteenth century in Romanesque style. 

The palace of the former Monte Granatico (Bank of Grain) today hosts a small but accurate Archaeological Museum, exhibiting archaeological materials coming from excavations done in the close nuraghic complex of Genna Maria, as well as other sites included in “Sa Corona Arrubia” touristic Consortium.  

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