Youth and Rural development

Youth and Rural development

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The territories of the following Lags: Sulcis Iglesiente, Capoterra and Campidano of Cagliari, Linas Campidano, Marmilla and High Marmilla, Sarcidano Barbagia of Seulo, together with the following international partners: Pays de Puisaye-Forterre LAG (in France) and KKTM LAG (of Finland) promoted “Youth and Rural development” (Giovani  e Sviluppo Rurale) transnational cooperation project, aiming to pander a positive approach to the belonging territory, strengthening the young's ties with their native territory.

The project aims at showing to youth the rural world and its traditions by means of the most involving means of communication: the cinema and internet.

The project is set out in a series of actions mainly addressed to LAG Municipalities middle school pupils, who will undertake the theme of territorial identity, through the presentation of texts and tales; the most significant ones will be scripted and shorts will be produced.

Action 1 – Ideas contest: “The earth – rural identity and culture – food miles stories donors”

The contest consists in elaborating a tale, which can be the outcome of the boys’ imagination  or can take inspiration from stories of local tradition, ancient customs and trades.

All the stories will be collected in a chartaceous and digital publication; the two tales judged as the most significant ones in respect of the contest subject theme will be admitted to the successive actions.

Action 2 – Volume/DVD/graphic and communication materials realization

The collections of the boys’ works will be the protagonists of the 1st International Event that will take place in Finland in the KKTM LAG territory.

The texts will be translated into English (the language used by the partners to communicate with each other) and into the official languages of the partners: Italian, French and Finnish.

The volumes and DVDs will be delivered to the participating Schools and disseminated in the territory as much as possible. Then, graphic and communication materials, such as bills, posters, brochures and invitations, will be designed to communicate and publicize the Project in the whole territory.  

Action 3 – 1st International Event in Lapland

The tales selected in the action will be presented in the 1st International Event in Lapland, organized by KKTM LAG Partner, in the Municipality of Kolari and its surroundings.

On the whole, the event will last five days: two will be necessary for the outward and return journey, three for the activities linked to the project and to know the host territory. During the Event the “food miles stories donors” collection will be presented and distributed and the boys will have the possibility to illustrate their tales and to know the works of the groups of the territories of the other LAGs Partners.

During the stay, the boys will have the opportunity to undertake, with the help of the citizens of the surrounding villages, typical local activities such as fishing on ice, excursions on sledges drawn by reindeers or huskies, visiting reindeers and sledge dogs farms, and take part in sport activities like skiing and luge.

The proposed activities are not simple games but can be considered as fundamental moments for the success of the project and for the young boys cultural growth, thanks to the host place unicity and to the manifest cultural, linguistic and in particular climatic diversities, which greatly characterize Lappish territory culture and lifestyle

Action 4 – Short

The tales selected during the first phase of the project will constitute the story on which a short will be realized. The boys will have to script and perform their stories according to their interests, aptitudes and personal qualities. The footage in hand will be fully realized with the help of a school teacher supported by a capable film unit, which will help lead them during the shooting and editing phases. 

Action 5 – 2nd International Event in Burgundy

The shorts realized by the boys will be presented during the 2nd International Event, which will take place in Pays de Puisaye – Forterre LAG in Fargeau (France).

During the event the shorts realized by the various groups will be presented and screened for the first time; the cinematographic techniques utilized will be illustrated. 
An evening social gathering to present the shorts made by all the partecipants will be organized: the boys will be able to know the stories of the other groups and to face one another.
During the stay, pottery workshops, sport activities and typical team games will be organized.  The boys will have the opportunity to visit "Gu&eacutodelon: chantier m&eacutodi&eacutoval" (medieval Yard) in the middle of Puisaye, in Yonne, where fifty workers are building a castle using the techniques and the materials employed in the Middle Ages.

The boys will be accommodated in the structure of "Centre Vacances de Hautefeuille", an ancient manor-house purchased by Nanterre town in 1937, which, with its forty hectares of woods and meadows, allows the children to live in an environment that is immersed in nature, rich in discoveries and wonders, where they can play whatever sport activity, such as fishing, or having a row in the lakelet.

Action 6 – 3rd International Event in Sardinia

The 3rd International Event will take place in Sardinia in the territory of the LAGs: Iglesiente, Capoterra and Campidano of Cagliari. This event represents the closing of the project. The documentaries and backstages filmed during the previously carried out actions will be the protagonists of the event.

This will show to all the participants the whole project and, most of all, the cultural growth of the boys within the project time-frame.

The fundamental moments of the Event will be the visits to Sardinian Geo Historical Environmental Park sites, St. Barbara’s Cave sites in the mines of St. John, Porto Flavia – Masua and Henry Gallery, covering the territory of Sulcis Iglesiente, discovering landscapes and realities recognized by UNESCO as heritage. TRAIL-O orienteering will be another proposed activity. TRAIL-O is a path orienteering sport organized by IOF (International Orienteering Federation) and FISO-CONI.

During the Event the boys will take part to the Festival of the Mediterranean Diet, an activity promoted within "MeDIETerranea" Cooperation Project. The aim of the project is to communicate the Mediterranean diet typical dishes as well as local productions and traditions; the “Traditional Euro-Mediterranean Menu” presentation has been given much publicity.

On the occasion, producers and local artisans will be invited, in order to give the boys the opportunity to know traditional techniques for the preparation of the dishes. Finnish and French boys will be enabled to discover a different lifestyle and to appreciate a new gastronomic culture.


Parte Montis: Gonnostramatza - Masullas - Mogoro - Pompu - Siris

Parte Montis: Gonnostramatza - Masullas - Mogoro - Pompu - Siris