Hospitable Marmilla

Marmilla Lag territorial Marketing Plan

A very successful recent management approach to territorial development problems consists in adopting marketing logics linked to the progressive and growing transferability of material and immaterial resources and to the consequent competition the single areas are obliged to face in order to retain internal resources and to attract external ones. In fact, the territory assumes a role analogous to the one of a company or, in the most significant cases, of a multinational corporation. Territorial systems, like enterprises, become actors of a global project in search of an optimal positioning, feeling the need to outsource themselves and to become international, offering themselves as domicile of industrial investments, logistic, research, touristic and cultural activities, in order to attract capitals from outside and to extend their competitive position. In fact, in modern economic systems the concept of territorial area as an economic and social attracting space is becoming increasingly widespread, with its complex offering system (infrastructures, resources, services) potential investors oriented, as development actor in search of sustainable competitive edges.

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