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The general aim of the project is promoting and enhancing the Mediterranean diet as a healthy eating style and as an identity-making and cultural factor of the involved populations.

A larger consciousness and attention to the Mediterranean diet will increase the demand of typical products. First, the local population will buy the products from local producers. Second, considering the tourism sector, this objective will concur to draw up the catering and accommodating / hotel sector operators to the agricultural and food sector local producers.

Scheduled activities

Organization and realization of the Euro-Mediterranean menu.

Planning and development of the “Festival of the Mediterranean (Sea) and Traditional Productions”

Mediterranean local productions conference

Thematic gastronomic contest

Realization of an editing/animated cartoon about the ancient and modern civilizations and the Mediterranean Diet.


Parte Montis: Gonnostramatza - Masullas - Mogoro - Pompu - Siris

Parte Montis: Gonnostramatza - Masullas - Mogoro - Pompu - Siris